Integration Therapy

Psychedelic experiences are major life events. Through integration, insights and experiences from psychedelic trips can help you achieve a new, life long, state of mind

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Like any major life event, psychedelic experiences can provoke complex thoughts and feelings. Some of these are beautiful, some shake you to your core, and all are worth understanding and working through. By turning inward and learning to understand these feelings you are promoting insight and life change. Turning away from your psychedelic experience, without an intent to heal and a chance to process the experience, the revelations fade away or can even leave you feeling scared. By looking inward you are channeling the therapeutic potential of the experience and, instead of you falling back into the day-to-day, you can start to see your world in a new light.

Psychedelics and Therapy
Difficult Trips
All Belief Systems are Welcome
Promoting Psychedelic Growth

What is Psychedelic Integration Therapy

      Psychedelic integration is the most important factor in turning a psychedelic experience into a life changing event. A psychedelic experience leaves a person with a wealth of knowledge about themselves and the world. But it is often hard to take that knowledge and turn it into action. Like a dream, the beauty of a psychedelic experiences disappears all too fast leaving us with little that we can hold on to. Through integration therapy you can learn to cultivate the parts of your experience you wish to bring into your daily life.

     Integration therapy sessions involve in depth exploration of psychedelic experiences. This can involve interpretations,  processing of difficult issues, and cultivating internal experiences. Together, we recognize what these experiences meant to you and how you can act on that meaning in the rest of your life. 


Psychedelics and Therapy


          Psychedelics are now being studied for their therapeutic effects in a variety of research studies throughout the United States and across the world. MDMA is being explored for its effects of PTSD, ketamine is being used to treat Depression, and psilocybin has been examined in studies on smoking cessation. At the Imperial College London and Johns Hopkins there is exploration into what psychedelics can do to benefit a person’s health and well-being.

        While some of these medications are being taken on their own, there is also a push towards psychedelic assisted therapy. This treatment uses therapy to guild the psychedelic experience and the integration of that experience afterwards. Therapy appears to be part of the key to changing a party drug into a life healing experience. This medication may be useful in its own right, but there is a reason why all the people who have used ketamine in a party are not suddenly free from depression. These medications are instruments that allow us to go further into the mind. Therapy is the guide through to the other side.

     The clinical research offers evidence-based support of these medicines being used for personal and global transformation when properly administered. I have an in-depth understanding of how psychedelics can support trauma resolution and overall healing. I can not offer Psychedelic-assisted therapy, a primary focus of my practice is in supporting individuals who choose to work therapeutically and skillfully with psychedelic medicines on their own. Working from a harm reduction perspective, I offer non-judgmental, mindfulness-based counseling and guidance to clients in my care.




Psychedelic experiences an be inherently disregulating and disruptive to our lives. In fact this is often the reason we take them in the first place. They rearrange us from the inside out.  This is a good process if and only if our inner world is prepared for these changes, and if and only if our external world can support major transformation and keep us safe throughout the process.  Difficult trips come from a variety of areas, but they don’t have to be destructive. Through therapeutic integration you can process these experiences and create a new relationship with your trip and yourself.



        One of the things that can make it difficult to discuss psychedelic experiences can be the uncertainty as to whether your experiences and your beliefs about them will be accepted.We each see the world through our own unique eyes and psychedelics tend to magnify this unique trait in us all.

        Integration therapy should always be attuned to who you are, your beliefs, and where you come from. Whether your beliefs are religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheistic, philosophical, undetermined, or based in philosophy, all understandings of our place in this world are welcome.  Come as you are.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a promotion of the use of psychedelics or any other illegal activites. Similarly, this therapy does not involve using psychedelic medication during any session. Instead, It is a safe space for those that want to explore their previous or future experiences.

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